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turn your broken heart into art

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Meryl speaks her truth at the 2017 Globes

As i watched the storyline unfold about the Pentagon Papers reposted in the Press under the Nixon regime (yes i said that), I was transfixed by the echoes of a request she made to the Hollywood Press and her film industry colleagues about supporting the press and helping them stay able to print the truth. It seems that Dame Streep did make good on that promise to support the press in the telling of the truth with the making of “The Post”. And it seems this particular subject was an incredible storyline to choose.

It dawned on me that I can’t be the only human coming to this conclusion or making this connection. So I googled. And I came up with this glorious Washington Post article which confirmed my own intuition and ability to connect the dots. The review of the film is stellar and the synopsis would pale mine. Take a few minutes to read before you definitely go see “The Post”. It is an interesting reflection of our time.


So my grand idea balloon is deflated by someone beating me to the punch. I remain validated that indeed i did not imagine this ongoing story. She declared and then she delivered. She took her broken heart and made art.




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