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While he knocked it out of the park last year with the Dave Harrington collaboration Darkside (especially “Paper Trails” and “Golden Arrow“) Nicolas Jaar is also in another duo that’s worth your attention. Just Friends, the producer’s project with Sasha Spielberg, previously covered Leonard Cohen and now has shared the soulful and atmospheric original track “Don’t Tell Me.” You can grab the 10″ single of the song on Record Store Day, and stream it below…. stereogum..

pop music has changed over the years and i have certainly tried to change along with it. much to my dismay, i find that there are many genres out these days that have no spiritual connection to my experience. often times dance music- or techno- seems soul-less and without a story.

this is not the case in terms of nicolas jaar. for some reason he has captured my imagination and my heart. with every release i am reminded that music is about a human story and about an experience. i find myself bopping and tapping with every recording and every play. his imaginative interweaving of new recordings, beats, samples, and live vocals promises me that the magic of performance and the intelligence of storytelling have not frozen. i feel a little more alive with each play.

here is a link to nicolas jaar and dave harrington’s online music magazine “other people”- always worth a look and a listen for me.

other people

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