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tango for the tongue

just beyond the millennium bridge at the end of the 16th St shuttle (at Union Station) is a whole new neighborhood which is part of the gentrification of that area. There are lofts, shops, cafes, and restaurants sprinkled among the new (and refurbished) construction. Everything looks clean and tidy and the pavement and landscaping still appear new. perched on a corner unit across from the park is a latin/asian fusion restaurant from Richard Sandoval named Zengo.

my friend and i went for dinner and i was genuinely surprised. the flavors were distinct, the spices and citruses were pungent, and the portions were generous. the servings are big and so are the prices. appetizers run about 10-15 and entrees are 21-34. but there is a tasting menu which runs sunday thru thursday and offers diners a sampler option.

i am posting the selections as we had them. the soft shell crab was lovely- completely. small flour tortillas, a cole slaw with lime and wasabi accented the crab perfectly. the salad course with grilled watermelon and seared ahi could have been a meal for me. but without the tenderloin languishing in ginger serrano i am not sure i would have gotten a real glimpse of the statement presented by Zengo. “Zengo is Japanese for give and take”, this give and take is completely evident and creates a beautifully choreographed tango for the tongue.

Zengo Denver 1610 Little Raven Street, Riverfront Park Denver, CO 80202 Tel. 720.904.0965

find out more about zengo here

SOFT SHELL CRAB won bok slaw / thai chili lemon~sake aioli / soft tortillas TUNA TATAKI SALAD avocado / kaiware sprout grilled watermelon lemon~wasabi dressing CHICKEN TANDOORI masala~achiote grilled chicken breast naan / black bean dal cilantro / mango PALOMILLA beef tenderloin / broccolini / mushroom onion / roasted corn salsa ginger~serrano sauce GLUTEN FREE MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKE white chocolate ~ green tea ganache vanilla ice cream



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