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“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” ~Neale Walsh



double wow

and wow to the 3rd power

what is that saying? “more shall be revealed”

such is the slogan for the snapshot of my life right now. i understand now some of the reasons i stepped away from management those years ago. it holds challenges for me that had slipped into the mists. i was raised an only child and i struggle to this day in a “family’ environment. it isn’t second nature as it may be for others. i have been reminded almost daily that i have growing up to do- and my life invites me to grow patience and understanding.

of course i am really hoping (banking too) on my ability to stretch from my comfort zone here. certainly part of me is full of fear. it hurts to stretch and i can almost hear a cracking sound as my ego encounters its safety net.. there is an aspect of me though that fills with hope like a crushed plastic bottle regains it shape after being squeezed flat. my soul might very well be giving a metaphorical “ahhh”!

i hope so. i really hope so. i like the new direction.

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