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pas de deux 11-11-2014

Only with time do we really learn who the other person is and come to love the person for him- or herself and not just for the feelings and experiences they give us.” ― Timothy Keller

this post is meant to send a blessing to my dear friends ruben and alex on the day they have chosen to make a commitment to declare their faith and love for each other. i  love and admire them sincerely and have no doubt they will continue their enchanted dance and remarkable adventures making the very challenging and most complicated things in life seem elegant and effortless.

best wishes and congratulations my dear friends.

When you begin to touch your heart or let your heart be touched, you begin to discover that it’s bottomless, that it doesn’t have any resolution, that this heart is huge, vast, and limitless. You begin to discover how much warmth and gentleness is there, as well as how much space. – Pema Chodron

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Go n-eírí an bóthar leat. May the road rise with you.

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