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late nights

“It’s not hard to grow when you know that you just don’t know.” ― Damien Rice

saturday morning and i slept in after 2 twelve hour days. as i sit near the window, the brain is steeping with thoughts of the week in front of me. headed to the gym for cardio this am. working a party for a woman celebrating 25 years sobriety tonight. should be fun.

got my delivery from nest fragrances and divying up for gifts. candles scented with moss and mint. have 3 more parties to get under my belt. next week the new gig starts in castle rock. gonna be spending more time commuting so have been beefing up my music collection.

was rummaging through itunes and came across jamiroquai. hadn’t thought about him for almost a decade. downloaded a compilation called late night tales. fell in love with it.

have been working at the same family[s home on xmas eve and then again on xmas night for the last seven or so years. they entertain friends on the eve and family and orphans on xmas night. it has become part of my own holiday celebration. gonna head to mom’s on christmas morning to make breakfast and exchange gifts. then back to polo club for holiday dinner number two.

lovin’ life this mornin’. here’s to you havin’ the same kinda day…..

<ol> <li><a href='https://afterthepop.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/19-late-night-tales_-jamiroquai-con.m4a'>19 Late Night Tales_ Jamiroquai (Con</a></li> </ol>

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