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joyful january

Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

i took about 15 pairs of trousers over to a day shelter today to donate and ran into a young man i know. he has been through treatment twice in the last 6 months and he finds himself homeless and coming up for air after a reigniting of his meth romance. it was good to see him and it was not. i invited him to start something new in his life, yet he does not hear what i am suggesting. i will keep talking with him. i met with my sponsor on saturday and talked about going through the step work again. i know i need to jump start my spiritual life. i am unclear that this is the right decision. i believe it is not a bad direction however. movement in a forward direction will be a good thing. i saw the movie “joyful noise” on sunday. it was uncomplicated and full of music. i believe it was joyful. and i needed that. my life has felt stalled since the onset of 2012. i have revisited old stuff, and yet i have not been scooped up by it. i have many tasks to complete before the end of the week. i hope for the ability to do them. some changes- i have switched healthcare providers, i have filed for a modification to my home loan, i have applied for a secondary counseling position at a small agency that works with felons, i have taken a board position with advocates for recovery, i have decided to really work on letting go of my fears of others.

I Want To Take You Higher\

Feeling’s gettin’ stronger

Music’s gettin’ longer too

Music is flashin’ me

I want to, I want to, I want to take you higher

I want to take you higher

Baby, baby, baby light my fire

I wanna take you higher 

…..sly and the family stone

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