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Darlings, British fashion titan Vivienne Westwood is the subject of a well-deserved retrospective in London, but instead of highlighting her eye-popping fashions over the years, this one narrowed its focus to her equally (if not more so) eye-popping shoe designs. “Vivienne Westwood Shoes: An Exhibition 1973- 2010” is at Selfridges Ultralounge in London August 26th-September 22nd and showcases nearly 200 shoes from the designer’s archive and collections. It’s a shame some of these pieces look a little beat up, but nothing can diminish the sheer insanity of some of her designs as well as the strange beauty. So strap on your penis shoes and head on out to take a look.

reprinted from tom and lorenzo blog

Vivienne Westwood also has finally assembled a collection of her designs stemming from 1973 until the present. Westwoods designs reflect a healthy cross section of the latter years of the 20th century. I didn’t wear her shoes, but certainly to me, they represent the mood, the philosophy, and the attitude of my peers. of course, i am a lifelong malcolm mclaren fan, and vivienne and malcolm were inseparable for years, each influencing and supporting the other as they carved out their lives in london and subsequently the world.




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