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Fireflies On A Moonless Night

Fireflies on a moonless night, 

Neath the canopy of trees.

Tiny lanterns all in flight, 

Carried on the evening breeze.

Like pixies and fairies, in a world of dreams, 

Flying in their magic realm.

Perpetuating their magical schemes, 

Your earthly senses overwhelm.

I could just sit and watch all night, 

The fireflies in the air.

Underneath the stars so bright, 

Till early light, without a care. 

Juan Olivarez

. when i was a young boy growing up in rural illinois, the summers evenings were often peppered with the flashes of fireflies. i chased them, i caught them, i saved them, i let them go, i made jewelry with them- rings, bracelets, necklaces- and connected to a higher power with them. their tiny lights assuring me that there is power beyond my understanding. 

i don’t necessarily play with fireflies in my life now. but i still believe in their magic. and my boyhood friendship with these fairy-like creatures paved the way for me to have a spiritual program today. and that spiritual life continues to bring light into the darkness of my being today.

i heard this song today on spotify and decided it was post-worthy. ed sheeran seems to me to be a fresh voice and a thoughtful creative spirit. i trust you will see why i am a fan.




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