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Feels So Different

Image credit-David Root

It is coming up on 2 weeks since my surgery crisis. It seems like a year. the physical challenges are dwarfed by the emotional responses not to mention the spiritual implications. I am not at ease with feeling helpless. Ironic certainly, as we are all helpless really.

These are tumultuous times we live in now. Choppy seas. Our vessel is pitching to and fro with fervor no doubt. There is an ancient drama playing itself out on our modern stage. It feels so frustrating because what seems so evident is lost on so many others who operate in an alternate agreement field. It remains a challenge to endure the day to day activities with the primal experiences tugging internally as the are.

Feel So Different Sinéad O’Connor Lyrics God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change Courage to change the things I can And the wisdom to know the difference I am not like I was before I thought that nothing would change me I was not listening anymore Still you continued to affect me I was not thinking anymore Although I said I still was I’d said “I don’t want anymore” Because of bad experience But now I feel so different I feel so different I feel so different I have not seen freedom before And I did not expect to Don’t let me forget now I’m here Help me to help you to behold you I started off with many friends And we spent a long time talking I thought they meant every word they said But like everyone else they were stalling And now they seem so different They seem so different They seem so different I should have hatred for you But I do not have any And I have always loved you Oh you have taught me plenty The whole time I’d never seen All you had spread before me The whole time I’d never seen All I’d need was inside me Now I feel so different I feel so different I feel so different I feel so different I feel so different




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