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divine intervention

We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.” ~Charles R. Swindoll

as i maneuver through the last few hours of an excruciating day, i am reminded that is is rarely my way. this is usually the case, but somehow i forget this over and over. an i am certain i will continue to forget as that is really my nature.

i worked a party until 11p in castle pines last night. i had carpooled with some colleagues and was not within my usual routine. the chef gave us blank checks which would be filled out when the host decided the final totals. i thought i folded mine and put it in my wallet , got into my friends car, disembarked and re-embarked into my own car at the check point and got home at midnight.

i woke up at 4:30 to pack for my trip to connecticut and finish some things around the house before i went. i couldn’t find the check. i looked everywhere and it overtook my thinking and threw my intellectual equilibrium out of whack. i couldn’t concentrate.  i emptied my wallet twice and cleaned it out by tossing away old crap that i no longer needed.  in this frantic process, i took out my credit card and my driver’s license and neglected to put it back. my shuttle came and i had to skate to the aiport.

i arrived 2 hours before my flight and i couldn’t find my license. i asked a friend to go to my house and deliver it, which happened but way too late for my flight. i took an afternoon flight and lived like tom hanks in the airport terminal all day. i had to cancel my car reservation with a penalty, and flew standby to chicago- all the while playing out possible scenarios in my head.

i finally decided that considering how much i spent for the training and how much personal time i invested that i should buy a full coach ticket to make sure i made it to the east coast. i booked the last seat online and called the airline to purchase, fatiguedly explaining the off-broadway quality of my day.

i was put on hold for 29 minutes and informed that i was confirmed on the flight and there would be no charge. mind you that’s a $700 savings for me. it was also a bear hug after several hours of feeling like voodoo doll of the universe.  and i was reminded that i am loved through all the pity searching posts on facebook.

of course all of this emotionality belongs to me and not the situation. my nature is to dramatize- find humor-create a comedy routine-garner attention for myself. and most importantly- the day has not ended- there are several hours left- anything can happen. the plane i am to take is set to arrive at ohare in 15 minutes. :@

thank you universe for reminding me that i take all of this gaga way too seriously.

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