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all for a song

so i came across some bookfsmart software which slurps all the info from my blog and will put it into book form. so i am considering putting together a book. i can’t tell you how not simple this process is. i am only doing this so i can give it to people i know, but i am judging what my process has been so harshly anyway.

i have one version done, but it happened way too soon. i am now working on a 2nd version that is basically embracing the stepwork and the gifts that brought with it. i don’t know how long this will take, but i am not going to rush it. i am thinking it would be a good gift to give for my 7 years. it is indeed a re-learning adventure. i came across this post which i had completely forgotten.

“under the influence”

Walking on a cloud Feeling high It happens every time Whenever I’m with my guy Tripping on love And it feels so good I can’t help myself And I wouldn’t think I could Plus he’s got that certain drive That I’m a victim to Love’s really got a hold on me And there’s nothing that I’d rather do i guess the post title could lead to a wrong impression. no- i have not used. nor have i “fallen in love”. i am, however, under the influence of something newer in my life. there have been distinctive and noticeable changes in my reactions to life recently. i feel as if i am being graced with patience and serenity in ways that are new and could be intoxicating. a good portion of the reasons why are due to this spiritual program i am adapting for my life. it seems to fit more comfortably with each wear. with every working of the last 3 steps, i move toward peace. and part of it may also be an overarching relief about who’s in charge with the ensuing inauguration of president-elect obama. i know i feel much more secure with someone i feel trustworthy in that position. and a good portion, no doubt, is the grace i have received these last two years, from scraping out all the sediment on my insides through this blogging process. i have managed to clear away so much wreckage and make room for life again in an exhilarating way. this is a vibrant and colorful journey. the destination is still not known to me, but the pit stops and side bars have been life altering. i definitely am under the influence. of what i am not certain, but it feels a whole lot like love as i think it is. posted at kickintina on January 17, 2009

i heard this remix by frankie knuckles today and can’t get it outa my head… hava listen…



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