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a slice of sweet memory

i received a wonderful note from george badonsky’s daughter jessica today. i remember seeing her once in the restaurant when she was a child. these days, as a counselor, i witness many young people struggle with the holidays. i know firsthand how memories can cloud intention and flood the body with a myriad of neurotransmitters. the loves we lost don’t completely disappear. as we light the darkness that winter rolls in, we often shine light the corners of our past. it takes practice to withstand the waves of memories. patience, perserverance, and perspective…. originally posted in 2012


i saw this photo of gilda radner (aka candy slice and the slicers) today on fb and i experienced a delicious stir of echoes. at some point during the 1970’s in chicago, some friends and i created a literary street gang as an homage to the movie “warriors”. at the time we were working at george badonsky’s “brewery” restaurant.  sometime during that period i was downgraded from badonsky’s “tango” restaurant after having rolled a shopping cart with a brewery bartender through the kitchen and into the lower level of the dining room in the middle of a packed saturday night- that dining room was silhouetted by chocolate brown walls that were studded with warhol’s marilyn prints along one side. there was a warhol mao tse tung on another wall. the restaurant resided on the ground floor of the belmont hotel. tango was uber chic with marble floors, live jazz late…

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